I'm John

John Doe

Born in San Francisco, I started to design nice little things since the age of 6. My parents noticed my creative inclinations and several years at the Art School followed after.

Finished the college and continued studying Visual Arts at the University.

Worked for companies like Stickers Pub and Themes Dojo.

Also did a lot of freelance projects

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I work as a teacher at the Visual Arts University

And I don’t have time to update my portfolio - so here are a few of my latest dribbble shots:

Latest 5 dribbble shots
Dovalovo Residence
Dovalovo Trávniky is a new residential sector that is being developed at the heart of beautiful nature nearby Dovalovo village, Slovakia. It is surrounded by High Tatra Mountains and other atractive spots providing countless pastime possibilities. An ideal place to live in for young and active peop
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The Madeira Collection Wine
Label designs created for an ongoing annual series of The Madeira Collection wines. This Belgian collection features premium wines from Madeira island. The design is inspired by island's incredibly rich fauna and flora.
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The initial task was to create a generic label that could be easy to adjust by changing only the colour and beer name. Soon it was clear that a shade of one colour is not enough to provide a proper diferentiation within their impressive series of 15 beers. So I developed a dynamic system of shapes t
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I was asked by a friend of mine to prepare wedding stationary for her wedding. As she wanted to look it very unique and personal I decided to avoid classic ways of printing and finishing. I prepared a hand-coloured paper with uneven texture and all texts were written by a cutting ploter machine whic
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Two label concepts created for Santino winery located in Amador County, California. The region is well-known for its great wineries as well as large gold deposits which caused a huge gold rush in 1850s. Both concepts reflect a gold-mining history and tell a story about times of big dreams and falls.
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Let me tell you a bit about what I can do for you


  • Branding

    Yup - the full pack. Starting from concept, logo design, stationery, etc. You’ll get a high quality and quite detailed brandbook ready.

  • User Interface

    Almost all the electronic devices have interfaces.

    Well - all of them need a design which would be easy to use.

  • Development

    HTML/CSS coding and web development.using the latest standards.

  • Advertising

    Let’s get you some audience.

    Let’s start with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Campaigns


Or how we get things done & which is each party’s involvement


  • Client
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Art Dir
  • Manager






Right. Let’s throw some light on my

Skills Set







  • Footbal
  • Communication
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • English
  • Humor
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Football, Sports, Movies, Theatre, Music, etc


English (native), German (good), Italian (bad)

Do I like to work until late nights?

Oh yeah! I do.

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I think we know well enough now to

get in touch via email @

hi at themesdojo dot com

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I’ll answer when I get some free time